What the Tech Community says about Madison Alexander PR

“Dan is one of those rare PR people that actually knows what he is talking about and doesn’t waste my time. He reads your work and is pitching you the right contact for a story. He has worked for a long time in the networking and communications industry and knows the history of his clients, your pub, and can identify trends and fads better than most of the analysts out there.”

David Strom

Technology Editor, Web Informant

“Working with Dan has been a pleasure. As a journalist, I work with hundreds of people in public and media relations, but for most it’s more of a chore than a useful relationship. Dan seems to have a deep appreciation on what working journalists need from him in regards to his clients, and he’s able to help at a moment’s notice. In addition, Dan’s help is thoughtful in that he doesn’t waste your time with things you don’t need, and he’s really on top of getting you the information you do need. We need more people in that business like Dan. It would make my work a lot easier.”

Wayne Rash, Jr.

Senior Columnist eWEEK

“Dan is a superb publicist. A very small portion of PR professional foster truly relationships with the press they pursue. However, I will always take Dan’s phone call, answer Dan’s e-mail, and accept his lunch invitation.
He has earned that kind of trust, much to the benefit of his clients. Plus he a blast to hang around with, super smart, funny and honest.”

Doug Barney

Content Marketing Manager at Kaseya

“Dan Chmielewski is the crème de la crème of PR communicators. He represents his clients with the flare necessary to get them noticed without sacrificing to the mundane of daily news. Dan knows what is vital to the journalist and finds a way to make all the loose ends meet in the middle. He’s simple one of the best.”

Ralph C. Jensen

Editor, Security Products Magazine

“Our publication becomes very demanding sometimes with strict deadlines and exhaustive forms and interviews that require vital and timely replies from vendors. It’s because of these demands that we appreciate working with PR firms like Madison Alexander PR.  Dan Chmielewski is totally professional when it comes to representing his clients and our publication appreciates this.  It’s evident Dan reads our publications and knows the types of stories our editors want.  We are pleased to say that Madison Alexander PR is one PR agency that always knows what it’s doing right.”

Rake Narang,

Editor-in-Chief, Info Security Products Guide

“I’ve worked with many, many public relations specialists over the years and consider Dan Chmielewski to be among the best. He knows just how to advocate for his clients and does so with a level of professionalism often lacking in less seasoned members of his industry. Not only that, he’s genuinely a nice guy that I enjoy working with on stories. Because of that, his pitches get my attention and ‘his people’ do indeed land in our publications when the timing is right.”

Anne Saita

Former News Director, TechTarget Security Media Group (SearchSecurity.com and Information Security magazine)

“Dan has always been extremely responsive and understands the type of information I need in order to make editorial decisions. He understands the focus of the publication and pitches products and companies appropriately, which means when he contacts me, I pay attention.”

Lori MacVittie

Former Senior Technology Editor, Network Computing

“I’ve worked with Dan on a number of occasions with several different clients in the data security market. He understands the information requirements of industry analysts and his clients are well prepared for detailed questioning.  Dan strives to make each briefing a good exchange of information for both me and his clients.

Michael Suby

Program Manager, Communications Service Strategies & Opportunities, Stratecast Partners, a Division of Frost & Sullivan

Dan very proactive and brings a ton of passion to promoting his clients. He is savvy in leveraging new media, relationships and creative thinking to get the word out, and he gets results. Recommended for high-tech PR.

Paul Andersen Director of Marketing at Array Networks

Director of Marketing at Array Networks

Dan is a savvy, detailed-oriented professional who promotes his clients persistently and effectively. From a journalist’s standpoint, he is reliable — and a lot of fun to work with.

Byron Acohido

Cybersecurity journalist, multi-media producer, influencer

“Dan and his team did a great job putting a big spotlight on our small company. We were able to rise above the noise and deliver a differentiated message that caught the attention of the customers we were trying to reach. Thanks for the great work!”

Franklyn Jones

Vice President, Marketing at Cyphort Inc.

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